International Women’s Day 2023: #EmbraceEquity

IWD’s theme this year is #EmbraceEquity. In understanding the difference between equality and equity we see how the same solution for all does not always provide the desired outcome. An example of this difference in our environment is that we provide the same platform for all our Stylists to achieve their goals – that is equality. In trying to embrace the opportunity, some Stylists need more help, and some need less. When we take the time to coach and teach at all different skill levels, using the Stylists different technologies available, on time schedules that work for the Stylists, we help create equity.

Embracing equity, inclusion and diversity into our workplace is a reflection of our core values. I am ELATED that we are a woman powered company! From our warehouse crew and our marketing team, to accounting, customer service and field development, and our CEO, we are 99.9% powered by incredible women! Add in our field of 1000+ women Stylists across Canada, and I feel we are over achievers in the equity mandate. I couldn’t be more proud!

One of our initiatives, our Leggz of Art program, embraces equity by creating opportunities for artists to participate in a leggings design process while being supported and promoted through a marketing campaign, as well as a donation component. This program is an excellent way to open doors for some very talented people that may not have the means to develop their craft in this way.

It is important to us to provide free opportunities to learn and continually develop which is important in building transferable skills. From employee and Stylist related training, to challenges that help our field step outside their comfort zone, to hands-on workshops, we continue to embrace every opportunity to help women build their confidence, develop their skills, and pursue their goals.

Key pioneer women in the direct selling industry, such as Mary Ash and Brownie Wise, have played a crucial role in promoting and embracing equity when they started their companies. I wonder if they knew what a profound impact they would have on women, who make up 83% of the 1.37 million direct selling independent reps in Canada*.

The direct selling industry provides such an incredible opportunity for women to own and operate their businesses, which has been instrumental in bridging the gender gap. Through direct selling, women have the flexibility to work from home, set their own schedules, and balance their work and family life. By empowering women with economic opportunities, the direct selling industry continues to help promote gender equity and reduce economic imbalance.

To me, IWD represents an opportunity to raise awareness about the ongoing work needed for gender equality, and to be an advocate for the women in the world who continue to face challenges. But it is also a time of celebration. Time to celebrate the incredible achievements we have made in advancing women’s rights. Time to celebrate the progress we have made in creating equity for ourselves. And time to celebrate our resolve to keep pushing on. That’s a lot to celebrate, so at She’s Got Leggz we don’t just celebrate on one day – we celebrate ALL MONTH LONG!!


~ Donna Pinsonneault, CEO | She’s Got Leggz inc.

*Stats are from DSA Canada.